New project: restoration of 1887 Robert W. Evans Mansion in Hudson, NY
New office location for Bohl Architects

See our recent project - the renovation of a 19th-century home in Mérida, Mexico - featured in the August issue of Architectural Digest.

Bringing Frederick Douglass and Roger B. Taney Together

The Maryland State House statue of Taney should be moved, and a new statue of Douglass added to tell the continuing history of the constitutional crisis of enslavement. Visit to see our proposal.

Glass Studio

Sculptural South River Home

Choptank River House

Restoration of Craig Ellwood's Broughton House

Weems Creek House

Modern Beach Cottage

Baltimore Loft

Arts & Crafts

Art Gallery - St. John's College - Annapolis, MD

Architectural Service
We provide architectural service for private residential clients. Our work includes unique site specific modern art houses, traditional homes, and historic preservation. Projects range from small renovations and additions, to new homes and large estate properties. During 35 years of service, our designs have received multiple A.I.A. awards, and have been featured in print nationally and internationally.

Client Service
We have great passion for architecture and collaboration with our clients. Your desires, objectives, and budget are elements we integrate into your home. The design process includes invention, discovery, and the pleasure of creating something new. Our clients are interested in the joy of architecture, the experience of creating something unique, and are an integral and vital part of the creative process.

Capture the View
We create homes that dramatically capture views of the landscape. From the Chesapeake Bay to the Hollywood Hills to New York's Central Park, the interior spaces of our homes maximize the view and develop an effortless connection of inside and outside.