This 1890’s commuter train depot and store is a strong Second Empire style, Victorian design.  Little of the original finish work remained after years of neglect and deterioration.  Through onsite research the building has been restored to National Park Service Standards, including the original paint colors– bright red on the gambrel roof, mustard on the wood lap siding, and green and maroon trim.  The interior has been restored to accommodate the new users with a display area, information service counter, and Ranger’s office.

The transformation of this building was significant and has preserved a part of the past that can be enjoyed by the bikers and pedestrians on the B & A Trail as well as local community residents.  A new sympathetic addition to the rear of the building provides restrooms, first aid, and storage facilities.

The success of this restoration project was born in the team work and cooperation achieved by the many participants.  the result was the restoration of this historic train depot which sat along the old Baltimore & Annapolis Railway.  The Anne Arundel County Offices of Community Development, Department of Recreation and Parks, and Bohl Architects collaborated to save the building and give it a new use– a comfort station for the new hike-bike trail, a 14 mile linear park that stretches from Annapolis to the north end of Anne Arundel County.

In 1992, this project received an award from The Maryland Historical Trust in recognition of an outstanding restoration effort.