Tango Funhouse

Welcome to Tango Funhouse! It takes two to tango, a client with vision for a legacy house and Bohl to translate the vision into reality. Tango with us, sign up to follow along as we share our exciting adventures of collaboration with our clients to create Modern. Art. Houses. Join us as we strive to have fun creating spaces of pure delight that exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Architectural Pet Peeves

Ten things that will irk an architect 

At Bohl Architects, we strive to create spaces of pure delight for our clients in which all elements-massing, materials, doors, windows, etc., create a harmonious composition in which some elements are emphasized while others are simplified. Read More

Kitchen Countdown

Kitchens began with cooking fresh killed meat over open fires in ancient times. Egyptians constructed clay ovens to cook food. Read More

What’s In a (House) Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” With apologies to William Shakespeare, the naming of things, like houses, is important. Read More

Staircases: More than Going Up and Down

The first staircases were probably sloped ladders with hand-hewn log treads to access primitive huts raised above the ground for safety from predators or floods.
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Looking Backward, Looking Forward

As our firm nears completion of another decade of design excellence, we are beginning the process of selecting our favorite projects over the past 47 years to celebrate our collaborations with our clients. Read More

Why I Work at Bohl Architects

Words from Jennifer Martella

Why do I work at Bohl Architects? The short answer is the firm’s commitment to creating spaces of pure delight for their residential clients.

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So You’ve Hired Bohl Architects…What Happens Next?

Whether you are building a new home, needing a renovation or an addition, or seeking the perfect site for your legacy home, you need an architect to collaborate with you…

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