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Creative crush goes to…Chef’s Table! And to the creator of this mouthwatering docuseries on Netflix, David Gelb.

Chef’s Table is not only filmed beautifully, but it shows food as an art form and tells the story of a chef’s WHY. Every episode is unique and leaves the viewer with a deeper appreciation for the thought that goes into each dish…and of course, a deeper appetite. There are a few different Chef’s Table additions on Netflix, with the most recent highlighting pizza chefs. If you haven’t seen it, we highly recommend.

The first episode features Chris Bianco and here are a couple photos of his masterpieces of pie (pun intended) at his restaurant in Phoenix. We have a creative crush on this show because of its captivating cinematography and emotional storytelling. We believe it’s important to understand and listen to a person’s why. Whether that be a fellow architect or one of our clients designing a home with us, we want to know why someone is putting the time and energy in. Each member of the Bohl Architect’s team brings a different why to the table (another pun…) and that is what makes our work special.

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