floating stairs in waterfront property

As a trusted authority within the architectural design services niche, we want to educate our audience on the latest trends in home design. One of the most sought-after design elements in recent years is floating stairs, and this article will explain what floating stairs are and why they are the perfect addition to any modern home.

What exactly are Floating Stairs?

Floating stairs are an increasingly prominent design element that provides an aura of refinement when incorporated into a contemporary house. These stairs give the impression of being suspended in midair because there are no discernible means of support. Instead, the treads are secured to a concealed stringer or supporting structure that is built into the wall.

This illusion is done successfully with a technique that is used in engineering and construction: cantilevering. This technique involves supporting a horizontal beam or slab on only one end while the other extends beyond the support. This produces an effect similar to a bracket, offering the necessary support for the steps afterward.

Floating stairs typically have wood, metal, glass, or stone treads rather than traditional wood or carpet. They are secured to the structure and supported by bolts or other types of hidden fasteners built into the wall. The supporting structure of the stairs is often composed of steel or concrete and is constructed to sustain the pressure that the stairs apply when they are used.

Why Choose Floating Stairs?

A home’s appearance and ambiance can undergo a dramatic makeover when floating stairs are installed. These steps have a clean, contemporary, and understated appearance and the streamlined lines contribute to the impression of openness and lightness. Which makes the area friendlier and cozier.

You may upgrade the design of your home and give it a touch of style and refinement that will impress guests by installing floating stairs. Upgrading your home by installing floating stairs will give your home a touch of style and refinement that will impress your guests.

One of the primary advantages of floating stairs is the ability to match the aesthetic of any house or architectural design. Floating stairs can be altered to have a more conventional and classic appearance, or they can also have a more modern and daring design, depending on the individual’s preferences. Because of the wide variety of materials and finishes, it is possible to create a wide variety of styles, ranging from cozy and rustic to industrial.

The floating stairs offer several practical benefits in addition to their visual appeal. Their open layout enables an increased amount of natural light to permeate the area, resulting in a place perceived as being both brighter and cozier. Additionally, they take up less visible space than typical stairs, which helps to create the illusion that a smaller room is larger and more open.

Floating stairs can be a considerable investment but they add to the overall value of your property over the long run.  You may get a better return on your investment by modernizing your house with this chic and classy architectural component. The presence of contemporary and unusual elements, such as floating staircases, in a home can frequently pique the interest of prospective buyers.

Installing Floating Stairs in Your Own Home

Are you taking into consideration the installation of floating stairs in your home? There are a lot of different methods to use your imagination and make a feature that stands out. Utilizing materials that are in harmony with the architecture and design of the surrounding area in the home is one strategy.

For instance, consider installing hardwood treads on your floating stairs if your home is decorated with natural wood and muted tones. This will result in a unified appearance that is in perfect harmony with the design of the rest of your home.

Your floating staircase can also be a wonderful focal point for your living room. You have the option of giving the treads a one-of-a-kind shape or pattern, such as giving them a curved or asymmetrical shape. Alternatively, give the treads a strong splash of color or create a more industrial appearance using glass or metal materials.

Lighting is another essential aspect to think about when designing your floating steps, especially if you want them to make a bold statement. The addition of LED lights beneath the treads can produce a striking visual impact that draws attention to the floating illusion and gives the area a sense of drama. This can be especially useful in a space in your home that is obscured from light or has a low illumination level, such as a cellar or an attic.

In addition to their visual appeal, the practicality of your floating stairs is a significant factor to consider. It’s important to select a design that is not just secure, but also comfortable and simple to use. Your floating stairs have the potential to be both aesthetically pleasing and practically useful if you consult with a professional architectural design firm.

It is also crucial to consider the area around your floating steps. This includes the walls, the floor, and the decor. You can improve the overall aesthetic effect of your floating stairs by utilizing materials and colors that are complementary to those found throughout the room. For instance, use wallpaper with a vivid pattern or a textured wall finish to create a distinctive backdrop for your staircase. You can improve the design by using artwork, plants, or other ornamental components.

Floating Stairs Add a Modern and Chic Element

Wrapping Up

Are you considering adding a floating staircase to your home? It’s a fantastic design choice that can add an extra touch of elegance and refinement to any room. But keep in mind, floating stairs are a unique element that require a professional’s expertise to install properly.

At Bohl Architects, we have decades of experience incorporating floating stairs into our architectural projects. We take pride in the process of working with existing buildings that tell a story, and we can help you create the perfect floating staircase that fits your unique style and needs Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your dream staircase to life!

Regardless of your preferred style, material, or color, our architectural design firm can assist you in choosing the ideal floating stair installation that serves as a stunning centerpiece in your home!

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