Whether you are building a new home, needing a renovation or an addition, or seeking the perfect site for your legacy home, you need an architect to collaborate with you…

…and that’s from initial sketches, all the way to a finished house. Think Steve Martin in “It’s Complicated” or Keanu Reeves in “The Lake House” (check out the trailers if you haven’t seen.) Bohl Architects bring dedication and sense of fun to create spaces of pure delight for you.

Our process begins with a “getting to know you” meeting. We listen to your ideas and review your pictures from magazine or internet searches. We ask about your “Sacred Cows”- the ideas, room types, sizes, etc. that must be incorporated into the building program and become the road map for our creative process.  We then evaluate your existing home’s floor plans against your program and target budget. Remember, too many sacred cows can easily become a herd and blow your budget! Spending time in the design phase to thoroughly explore all the issues that affect your new home is crucial to avoid it becoming, “The Money Pit.”

Then, the real fun begins! We translate the written program into sketches of floor plans, building sections (the “skeleton” of the building) and all exterior facades. Think of these drawings as “outlines” of a painting. As the design evolves, we obtain input from consultants such as civil and structural engineers and our drawings are thoroughly refined with materials and details to fill in the completed “painting,” which is the permit set to be used by your contractor. During construction, we visit the site on a regular basis to observe the progress. By now you might be thinking, how long does the design process last? For an approximately 3,000 square foot house, the average time is a year and then you go ahead and divide between design and permit drawings.

From start to finish, Bohl Architects will communicate with you through in-person and zoom meetings, phone calls and emails until the construction is complete…we understand how important your project is to you.

For more information about teaming with Bohl Architects, or to receive our Client Questionnaire, contact Jennifer Martella at 410-253-1100 or jennifer@bohlarchitects.com.