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Words from Jennifer Martella

Why do I work at Bohl Architects? The short answer is the firm’s commitment to creating spaces of pure delight for their residential clients.

Before I joined the firm earlier this year, I reviewed their website images of residential projects. The range of architectural styles from modern to historic houses, new houses to renovated houses, waterfront houses to houses in towns or nestled among trees was breathtaking. Bohl Architects clearly listened to their clients and collaborated with them to create unique houses for each site. Since joining the firm, that has proven to be true.

What is equally important to me is the collaboration with my extremely creative colleagues and the office environment. The high ceilings, classic modern furnishings and tall narrow windows with French railings that remind me of a summer in Paris, keep my “little gray cells,” as Poirot said, visually stimulated and encourages creative thinking.

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I have featured several of Bohl Architects’ house designs for the weekly column I write for the Spy Community Media Group’s online newspapers. One house was sited on a bluff high above Chesapeake Bay and the craftsman exterior belied the modern interior. The center entrance hall ends at a wall of glass that wraps around the adjacent sitting rooms on each side for breathtaking views. The variety of glazing from walls infilled with glass, skylights, transoms, and accent windows directly under the ceilings combined with wall cut-outs creates magical interiors full of sunlight.

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Another house on the Corsica River evoked the English Arts and Crafts era and has undergone an extensive master renovation plan that is nearing completion. The seamless additions of the great room, porch and terrace above the Corsica River are a masterful blend of existing and new construction. One of the Owners was the landscape architect whose design blends beautifully with the architecture’s exterior color palette of earth tones.

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A few years ago, landscape designer Jan Kirsh introduced me to her clients who had compiled a short list of architects to interview. I recommended Bohl Architects and the couple became clients. Recently, I visited the site and was amazed at how Bohl Architects transformed the massing and interior architecture without any additions. The stellar spaces of the screened porch accessible from both the first, second, and third floor office tucked under the roof rafters and the two-story kitchen-dining area with a ceiling configured of three intersecting gables were simply delightful. The deep green exterior color of the house camouflages the house in its wooded setting and as sunlight filters through the trees, the color enlivens each façade. It’s the design excellence of this project and others on our website that made it an easy decision to join the Bohl Architects team. It’s been my delight to market the firm’s services on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where I live.