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Chronicles of Choosing the Wall (And Ceiling?) Paint

Between scrolling Pinterest for hours and awkwardly asking your acquaintance of a neighbor at an open house what color paint they used in their house (we’ve all been there) you finally settle on a color to paint your interior space.

You head to the paint store asap. If you go any longer you might change your mind…again. Once you’ve got your paint and materials, you remember that 5th wall. No, we’re not talking about a pentagon-shaped room. Look up! It’s the ceiling. You automatically reach for a gallon of ceiling white and call it a day.

This is a missed opportunity. Ceilings are often taken for granted.

“You’re telling me I must choose a ceiling color as well?” says the Client.

We get it. The decision fatigue is real…But hear us out.

Famous Examples of Ceiling Design

Incorporating the ceiling into the design scheme of a room can change the entire ambiance of the space. Coffers, beams, domes, and cathedral ceilings are some of the many ways that ceilings become design opportunities for making the space special.

Think about some grand examples like, Sistine Chapel, Pantheon, Grand Central Station in New York City, Oxford’s Bodleian Library…While your ceiling is likely not the same size as these rooms, you can look to these famous spaces as inspiration for ceilings on a smaller scale.

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oxford library 1 scaled
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Bohl Architects Ceiling Design Ideas

We love getting creative with our clients, but we understand that grand gestures aren’t for everyone. Although, it would be cool to bring Michelangelo back and have him do a ceiling in a Bohl home. And per request, we’re happy to channel our inner Roman and design a giant, concrete dome for your living room.

Usually, we take a more modest approach with our clients. We agree that sometimes ceiling white is just the simple and sophisticated way to go. Not every space is meant to have a unique ceiling design or color. Below are a few design notes that Bohl has on ceiling paint ideas.

50/50 Paint

The ceiling doesn’t necessarily need a grand gesture, sometimes, a subtle change like 50% wall color and 50% ceiling white will give the room a tailored finished appearance. 

“Alright I don’t know about doing a mini constellation on my ceiling, but I can commit to the 50/50 paint idea.” – Client

Haint Blue Application

Haint blue is a Southern expression and describes the blue paint that is used on the ceilings of wraparound porches to mimic the sky. This is another less ambitious option (although we are always down for a grand gesture.)

Bohl Architects often does a sophisticated take on this expression on simple flat interior ceilings, using Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue.

This. Color. Is. Incredible.

HC-144 is layered in its reflectivity and depending on the light, it can appear blue, green, or gray. It’s restful. It works well in a lot of different rooms.

haint blue 1 scaled

Wallpaper on the Ceiling

Wallpaper on the ceiling, especially in a bedroom, adds a level of polish that is appreciated when lying in bed. Is your book boring you? Set it down on your chest and stare at the mesmerizing ceiling instead.

Papers in subtle patterns work well for this application. Victoria Larson’s Cowrie is our current favorite for this. Bold, exciting, patterns can elevate the excitement of spaces and can be used according to your willingness to commit. A small commitment could be a powder room ceiling, or a larger commitment could be wallpaper on the ceiling of a kitchen or living room.

Whichever you choose, Bohl’s goal is to design a tasteful space that brings you joy.

Cowrie 1

Bohl Architects is Here to Talk the 5th Wall

Amongst all things architecture and interior design, we are here to talk with you about the ceiling. We realize that designing a home can be overwhelming at times. There are a lot of decisions to be made, even when it’s a smaller scale project. Deciding on paint colors for your walls, and ceilings, is just one piece of the puzzle. Sometimes, ceiling white is the way to go, but we’re here if you’re interested in exploring other ceiling design opportunities.

Bohl appreciates listening to you about your dreams of space and wants to support you in your design decisions. We enjoy creating architecture for the sake of architecture, but the love of this art and business is mainly because of our collaboration with creative clients.

Bohl Architects has forty-eight years of experience in designing legacy houses. Give us a call and we can talk about the 5th wall.

Ceiling Design (FAQ)

Why is ceiling design important in architectural planning?

Ceiling design, often termed the “5th wall,” plays a crucial role in a room’s ambiance. It can enhance the room’s character and augment its aesthetic appeal, making spaces feel more personalized.

What types of ceiling designs exist for homes?

Numerous designs exist, from traditional flat ceilings to intricate ones like coffered and domed ceilings. The choice often depends on the room’s function, the homeowner’s taste, and architectural considerations.

How can ceiling design influence the perception of room size?

Ceiling designs can manipulate spatial perception. Specific elements and colors can either elongate or expand a room, affecting how spacious it feels.

Are there trending colors or techniques for ceilings?

While the classic white remains popular, emerging trends include the 50/50 blend and the “Haint Blue” hue. These choices can offer modern twists and redefine room atmospheres.

Is wallpaper a viable option for ceilings?

Absolutely, wallpaper on ceilings can add a layer of design depth. From subtle elegance to striking patterns, wallpaper can transform a room’s overhead landscape.

For a deeper dive and personalized advice, consulting with Bohl Architects is the best approach. Our expertise ensures optimal design outcomes tailored to each space.

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