Historic Home Renovation and Timeless Designs

Crafting Legacy Homes with Time-Honored Design

Discover the seamless integration of classic aesthetics and contemporary functionality with Bohl Architects’ expertise in Historic Homes and Design. Specializing in the revitalization of historic properties, we ensure each space not only encapsulates a rich past but is fit for modern living. For Bohl, it’s all about honoring a historic property’s original splendor while meeting today’s lifestyle standards.

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The Art of Historic Home Design with Bohl Architects

Selecting an architect to breathe new life into a historic home requires a thoughtful approach and respect for architectural heritage. At Bohl Architects, we’re skilled in the detailed art of historic renovation, blending timeless design principles with modernization. Our commitment to revitalizing legacy homes ensures that your residence will last long and reflect your personal narrative.

Our expertise shines in regions rich with history, such as the cobblestoned streets of Annapolis, the colonial charm of Hudson Valley, and the rural elegance of the Eastern Shore. In these locales, our historic home renovations stand as a homage to the past.

Harmonizing with Historical Context

Understanding the historical context of each region is paramount in our design process. Don’t just take our word for it, check out AnnapolisArchitectureGuide.com and read about the historic buildings in our hometown. Bohl has always been interested in the story behind buildings and our architectural choices are designed to respect the integrity of the setting’s past. This involves creating homes that complement their historical setting while featuring modern-day comforts.

Dedication to Authentic Preservation

At Bohl Architects, historic preservation is more than retaining a facade—it’s about weaving the historical narrative into each home’s very fabric. We employ traditional materials and techniques alongside modern technologies to ensure our historic home renovations stand as testaments to both their era and the future.

A Collaborative Approach to Historical Elegance

Our approach to designing historic homes is both meticulous and adaptive, engaging in thorough research, sensitive design, and thoughtful execution. Central to our philosophy is a partnership with you, where your vision, historical appreciation, and budget are interlaced to conceive a home that is genuinely tailored to you and steeped in history.

Key Advantages of Partnering with Bohl Architects for Your Historic Home

Custom Historic Home Plans for Modern Living

An advantage of collaborating with Bohl Architects is our creative adaptation of historic floor plans. Our favorite thing is to merge old and new – designing a space that upholds the integrity of the original building, while accommodating contemporary needs.

Blending Tradition with Modern Comfort: Our Historic Homes Case Studies

Our work intricately weaves historical reverence with contemporary ease, crafting living spaces that both pay homage to their origins and embrace current comforts. We prioritize authenticity in materials, respect historical design elements, and integrate modern functionalities discreetly. This approach results in homes that not only tell a story of the past but are also crafted for today’s lifestyle.

Hudson Valley Farmhouse: Bohl Architects added to the back of the original 1840s home. We maintained the old feel, while adding modern touches.  The plan now contains adjacent dining and living areas on the main floor, each with a fireplace. We designed a new eat-in kitchen and sitting room, where window walls overlook the pond and meadow.

10 26 18 BOHL0057 Edit
1840 Gothic Revival Historic Preservation Exterior

1840’s Gothic Revival: A nearly 200-year-old home with only six owners, each having the property for long periods of time and giving their own personal touch to the space. Bohl completed a renovation and addition to this historic, Gothic Revival home.

Eastern Shore Farmhouse: This waterfront property has been a working farm for over 100 years.  We saw lots of potential for this great setting. The house had large rooms with high ceilings and period detailing, but it still needed a lot of work and updating. The screened porch on the water side was completely rebuilt.  Large expanses of bronze screening allow the view to be appreciated with minimal interruption. For the past two decades, we have collaborated with two different clients to bring a modern touch to this house, while maintaining the historic feel of the original farmhouse.

mainhouse poolside

Blending Tradition with Modern Comfort: Our Historic Homes Case Studies Continued

While the following projects were not collaborations with residential clients, Bohl Architects is proud to have worked on McDowell Hall in Annapolis, Maryland, as well as the Frederick Douglass Summer Home Highland Beach, Maryland.

McDowell Hall Revival, St. John’s College: This 18th-century building was revitalized to meet modern safety standards without compromising its historic integrity, including concealed updates and symmetrical staircase restoration. Delve into the project’s specifics here.

mcdowell hall front 600

Frederick Douglass Summer Home Restoration: A meticulous renovation of the abolitionist’s retreat, which involved elevating the structure for flood prevention and restoring original wood siding, all while preserving the interior’s historical character. Discover more about this restoration project here.

Transform Your Vision of Historic Elegance into Reality

Our portfolio speaks to a wide variety of architectural styles and a devotion to biophilic craftsmanship. Our clients attest to our commitment, and our projects reflect a reverence for architectural legacy. Embrace the opportunity to collaborate with Bohl Architects, where your vision for historic elegance is transformed into reality.

Embark on Your Historic Home Journey Today

At Bohl Architects, we are passionate about giving life to historic spaces, ensuring they remain standing as reminders of where we come from, while enhancing the quality of your life. If you’re ready to embark on a historical preservation project or simply wish to learn more about our architectural work, contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.

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Historic Home Renovation and Design Services (FAQs)

How Do You Honor the Integrity of Historic Homes in Your Designs?

Our design ethos is centered on respecting and preserving the architectural integrity of historic homes. This involves careful research into the property’s era, meticulous restoration of original features, and when necessary, adding elements that are sympathetic to the historical style. Our goal is to maintain the authenticity of your historic home while ensuring it meets current living standards.

Is it Possible to Modernize a Historic Home Within My Budget?

Certainly. We approach each historic renovation with a balance of reverence for the past and a practical perspective on present-day budget realities. By prioritizing essential restorations and integrating modern conveniences with discretion, we craft a plan that respects both the home’s heritage and your financial considerations.

What is the Typical Timeline for a Historic Home Renovation?

The duration of a historic renovation project can differ widely, influenced by factors such as the scope of work and the home’s condition. We’re committed to efficiency and clarity, so you’ll receive a comprehensive timeline early in the planning stages. This schedule accounts for everything from research and design to construction and finishing touches. Given that this is a fluid process, we’ll continuously revisit the timeline throughout the project.

Are Your Services Limited to Certain Geographic Regions?

While we have established a niche in certain areas known for their historic significance, our expertise is not geographically bound. We welcome the chance to apply our knowledge to historic homes in diverse locales, embracing the unique challenges and opportunities they present.

What's the First Step in Renovating My Historic Home with Bohl Architects?

Embarking on your historic home renovation begins with a simple step: contact us for a consultation. During this initial conversation, we’ll delve into your vision, discuss budgetary considerations, and explore your home’s historical context. From there, we’ll chart a course towards reinvigorating your piece of history.

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