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The show profiles different artists in the design field and each episode gives the viewer an inside look at their craft. It is incredible what we’re able to create – all it takes is the belief that it is possible…and a lot of hard work. A final product may look effortlessly flawless, yet it took hours of construction and usually, multiple minds to make it come to life. Once you start seeing the behind of scenes, you can’t quite look at things the same. While every episode left us with tokens of inspiration, Architect Bjarke Ingels and Interior Designer Ilse Crawford hit home.

“When architecture is at its best, you’re coming up with something that is pure fiction and then after all the hard work, all the permits, all the budgeting and all the construction, it now becomes concrete reality.” – Bjarke Ingels

“Human values are non-negotiable” – Ilse Crawford

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