CJ Howard is an architect and teaches as an Assistant Professor at the Catholic University of America. Our intern, Ally, has taken several of his classes and looks forward to learning from him in her Studio 301 class this fall. Ally says that CJ is a great professor who is excited to teach his students traditional architectural styles, as well as composition and technique. His expertise in watercolor renderings shows his students the artistic side of architecture. CJ’s perspectival renderings bring his designs to life, allowing one to really envision themself in the building. CJ’s renderings radiate a sense of imagination and creativity, which is difficult to capture in a photograph.

CJ is the principal architect at C.J. Howard Architecture LLC and has been practicing architecture in the Washington, DC area for over two decades. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a Master of Architectural Design and Urbanism, he worked with firms that focus on classical and traditional design in their work. He has designed several large-scale ecclesiastical projects across the country, including the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Knoxville, TN. CJ has also contributed to several residential and civic projects, including urban design projects in DC.
Part of what makes CJ’s career so impressive are his entries to design competitions. In 2008, he beat out hundreds of applicants in an international contest for a Contrabands’ and Freedmen’s Cemetery Memorial in Alexandria, VA. His design served as the basis for the memorial that stands today, and reflects the hardships that freedmen faced as they escaped slavery during the Civil War, as well as their contributions to the city of Alexandria.

CJ is clearly passionate about what he does. We admire his commitment to classical and traditional architecture and his effort to share his knowledge with the next generation. You can check out his work at cjhowardarchitecture.com

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