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The other week we serendipitously came across Casa Mexico by Annie Kelly with photos from Tim Street-Porter. While flipping through the pages, we were brought back to Casa Wilson Serrano – a memorable project we did in downtown Mérida, Mexico for our friends Robert Willson and David Serrano.

Ultimately, we were tasked to bring order, light, and modern amenities to an old Spanish colonial town home in the region’s sixteenth-century capital. We kept the three original rooms and added guest rooms, a new kitchen, a dining room, a pool, and a master suite that is now connected to the rest of the house. As designers, Serrano and Willson were able to create a space true to them with ideas and pieces that they had been holding on to for years. Thanks to Annie and Tim, we don’t have to travel back to Merida to feel the beauty of this special home.

Experiencing a home in person is the best way to fully understand and appreciate it as a true piece of art. If it’s too much trouble to hop on a plane and roam through the vibrant streets and casas of Mexico, this book gets pretty close to the real thing. Annie’s words make one feel like they are walking through each of these houses, while Tim’s photographs capture the essence of each space beautifully. After reading through this book, one can close their eyes and feel as if they have traveled through Mérida and the Yucatán area and met multiple designers and artists along the way. One will feel a part of the liveliness in these areas – likely leaving with a creative crush!

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