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“Every performance is different. That is the beauty of it.” – Van Morrison
An artist may be playing the exact same set list as the night before, but the performance is completely different because it’s a new audience, a new venue, a new moment in time. If every performance was the same, life would be quite mundane – for both the performer and the audience. Just like a concert, designing a home is a performance. The architecture performance is a bit longer (by a couple months or even years…) but nonetheless a performance. It’s the process of taking a client’s vision in their mind and bringing it into the physical; ideally in a way that exceeds their expectations. Working with a variety of residential clients who have their own unique property and vision for their space – THAT is the beauty of it. We can even think of life as a performance. Each day different. Each day a new opportunity to create. Think about the performances in your life – the daily ones and the bigger performances that may take months or years. It’s all a process and we can choose to find beauty along the way.

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