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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a building? To observe the monumental and mundane moments in the lives of different inhabitants over the years, or to experience different seasons and the weather each one brings. Come to think of it, buildings and people have quite a bit in common. Both experience the load of life.

It’s easy to take a building for granted or to grow frustrated at the broken elements. It’s just as easy to appreciate the structure for all it does and express gratitude for the shelter it provides. When we look at buildings the same way we see people, we begin to appreciate the little things. We start to see a story in those broken elements, and we question the best way to repair them and preserve a space, rather than destroy it.

The book “What It Feels Like To Be A Building” by Forrest Wilson provided us with thought. Forrest Wilson studied architectural sculpture at the California School of Fine Arts and went on to become professor emeritus of The Catholic University in Washington, D.C., a visiting professor at The Catholic University and the University of Maryland.

Teigen found this book when she was going through her family’s old belongings and decided to bring it to the office. Turns out, Forrest Wilson was Angela’s professor at Catholic. She said he was a very dynamic and captivating professor, with an incredible sense of humor. Sounds like our kinda guy.

Wilson did a lot in his lifetime and has written plenty books for children and adults on architecture, design, and building. This is one of our favorites.

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