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The Hudson Valley

Bohl Architects brings a unique architectural perspective to the NY/Hudson Valley region, blending modern living with a deep appreciation for the area’s historical context and natural beauty. Our mission is to deliver architectural designs that align with the Hudson Valley’s diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage, transforming each project into a haven that respects and enriches its surroundings.

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Architectural Services in Hudson Valley Area

We specialize in designs that reflect the individuality of our clients and the distinct characteristics of the NY/Hudson Valley area. Our commitment is to create homes that are as visually stunning as they are in harmony with their environment, offering a personalized approach to modern and historic architectural design.

Our Architectural Services

Waterfront Home Design

In the NY/Hudson Valley, our waterfront home creations reflect a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by riverside and lakeside properties. We focus on maximizing panoramic views and ensuring seamless integration with the landscape, creating spaces that bring the outside in. Our designs prioritize sustainability, utilizing natural light and materials to enhance the connection between the home and its natural surroundings.

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Our Architectural Services

Biophilic Design

Our approach to biophilic design in the Hudson Valley is centered on creating a harmonious relationship between nature and the built environment. By incorporating elements like natural lighting, ventilation, and landscaping, we craft spaces that promote health, well-being, and a sustainable lifestyle. Our designs encourage a living connection with nature, integrating green spaces, water features, and materials that reflect the local ecology.

Our Architectural Services

Historic Home Renovation

Historic home renovation in the Hudson Valley demands a sensitive balance between preservation and modernization. We are committed to maintaining the integrity and character of historical properties while updating them for contemporary living standards. Our renovations respect the original architectural details and materials, while introducing modern conveniences and energy-efficient solutions. We navigate the regulatory landscape to ensure that all renovations meet local historic preservation standards.

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Comprehensive Architectural Services

Bohl Architects offers end-to-end solutions, from conceptual design to construction oversight. Our expertise spans design development, permitting, and project management, ensuring a seamless realization of your vision. Our services include five chronological phases:

  • Architectural Concept
  • Contractor Selection
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Observation

Together, these phases encapsulate our commitment to creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable homes in the NY/Hudson Valley area. Our expertise in waterfront home design, biophilic principles, and historic renovations ensures that each project is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of our clients while respecting and enhancing the character of the region.

Explore Our NY/Hudson Valley Portfolio

Dive into Bohl Architects’ comprehensive portfolio highlighting our architectural endeavors in the NY/Hudson Valley region. This collection shows our versatile expertise, from modern homes embracing the region’s natural landscapes to meticulously renovated historical properties. Each design is a testament to our dedication to enhancing the unique blend of natural beauty and historical richness specific to the Hudson Valley.

Our portfolio demonstrates our adaptive approach, catering to diverse client visions with a mix of contemporary and traditional styles, proving our commitment to crafting spaces that go beyond aesthetics to encapsulate the essence of Hudson Valley living.

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Serving the NY/Hudson Valley Region

Bohl Architects extends its architectural prowess throughout the NY/Hudson Valley, embracing the diversity of landscapes and historical contexts unique to each area. Our services reach across several counties, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and integration of local architectural and environmental nuances into our designs. We are committed to offering personalized architectural solutions that respect the region’s heritage while incorporating innovative design principles.

Our commitment to the Hudson Valley goes beyond these areas, with a readiness to bring our services to additional localities, ensuring that our innovative and respectful designs contribute to the beauty and heritage of the wider region.

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Our Expertise at Your Service

At Bohl Architects, our expertise is anchored by a team of seasoned professionals. Chip Bohl, our founder, infuses every project with his passion for architecture, shaping the firm’s philosophy. Angela Healy, with her expertise in residential architecture, adeptly merges interior design with architectural integrity. Jessica Giovachino adds her talent in contemporary designs, ensuring timelessness.

Together, they craft architectural masterpieces that blend creativity, historical awareness, and innovation.

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Connect With Us for Your NY/Hudson Valley Architectural Needs

For architectural projects in the Hudson Valley, Bohl Architects is prepared to turn your vision into a bespoke home that reflects your lifestyle and the region’s natural beauty.┬áReach out to start a conversation and let our team guide you to bring your dream home to life with unmatched creativity and personalized care.

NY/Hudson Valley Architectural Design (FAQs)

How do your designs embrace the NY/Hudson Valley's diverse environment?

We thoughtfully integrate the region’s distinctive landscapes and historical richness into our designs, ensuring harmony with the natural and cultural surroundings.

What experience do you have with historic renovations in the NY/Hudson Valley?

Our portfolio includes a range of projects where we’ve seamlessly blended contemporary living with the historical essence of Hudson Valley properties.

Can you assist with obtaining building permits in environmentally sensitive or historically significant areas?

Yes, we have extensive experience navigating the regulatory landscape of the NY/Hudson Valley, ensuring our projects adhere to local and environmental guidelines.

How do sustainability and modern design feature in your projects?

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our practice. We use eco-friendly materials and methods to create spaces that are both modern and mindful of environmental impact.

What steps should I take to start a project with you in the NY/Hudson Valley?

Reach out to us to share your vision. We’ll arrange a consultation to discuss your needs, the design process, and how our services can be tailored to your project.

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